Writing Press Releases, Blogs + Magazine Articles

November 14, 15 + 16, 2017  |  9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.  

Shalom House, Valsayn (close to SuperPharm)

$3,500; training materials, meals + a certificate of participation included. Group discounts available.

Writing Press Releases - Livewired Group



Writing is a core skill for corporate communicators + marketers.


You’re expected to craft content that…

  1. motivates employees
  2. inspires readers to support your brand
  3. delights editors who can give you much-needed publicity.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got exciting news, if you’re being asked to write about a boring project… or if there’s nothing new to say. You need to craft compelling stories + messages.


Boost your creativity + stretch your skills.


When done well, your writing generates goodwill, brand equity + positive PR and marketing results.


Inject renewed personality into your writing.

Say no to stiff, boring writing + learn how to write riveting:

  1. Press releases.
  2. Blog posts for your website/ LinkedIn.
  3. Magazine articles + interviews.
  4. Advertorials.

Learn how to improve your creative writing + tell compelling stories
… to achieve your promotional goals. 

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You’ll learn how to:

  1. Improve your voice, tone, flow + rhythm.
  2. Use reader psychology.
  3. Tell catchy brand stories.
  4. Write strong headlines, intros + kickers.
  5. Evolve from company-centric writing to audience-focused writing.

 You’ll also learn how to:

  1. Inject personality into your press releases, articles + advertorials.
  2. Write for the web + craft engaging blog posts for your website + LinkedIn.
  3. Inject new life into old/ boring news.
  4. Use sensory words + persuasive techniques.
  5. Tighten your writing + edit your work.

See what people say ?

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“I have used Karel in the past for training, and was always impressed with her level of professionalism and easy-going and down-to-earth delivery style.”

Dexter Charles

Manager, Group Corporate Communications | First Citizens

“This workshop provided me with practical rules, ideas and skills to improve my writing immediately. Karel’s accessible style and interactive delivery meant a smooth information transfer for me. I left the workshop feeling more confident about writing well consistently. I also now have the confidence to relate messages in my “voice”, while not compromising corporate values and positions. More than worth the price!”

Jamal Martin

Communications Officer | exporTT

“The programme highlighted all the key learning points necessary to craft compelling, easy-to-read material. I’d recommend Livewired’s workshop to professionals of all levels. I feel so much more confident, as I know that I now have all the necessary tools to produce captivating content.”

Janese Hagley 
Marketing Coordinator  |  COLFIRE

“…The training made it simple to remember the most important lessons of addressing the objectives and adding emotion to your writing. And this was easy as Karel is an expressive presenter who uses the interactive method very well, not just to keep her audience engaged but interested in the subject at hand. Her almost-informal manner works well for her, as it is easier to learn in this comfortable atmosphere.”

Savitri Saroop

Public Relations & Media Manager| iGovTT

“The training helped me by reminding me to give more thought to what I write, and how I write it before I write it. Ms. Mc Intosh’s approach is simple and direct. She truly tries to understand the writing personality of each participant. She helps you to identify your style – its strengths… its weaknesses – and shows you how you can work toward writing better.”

Joy Roach 
Administrative Assistant, Corporate Communications  |  First Citizens

Karel is a wonderful presenter.

What I liked most about her techniques was that Karel has the natural ability to make what may appear to be a difficult concept very easy to understand. She has a lot of energy, and is able to engage with her audience quite easily.”

Audra Mitchell  

Group Manager – Learning & Development | Massy Limited

“This workshop gave me such an insightful look into how important it is to understand not just the message we are trying to convey, but to also think about the people who receive our message. I was able to get a clearer understanding of how messages should be delivered, and that each type of method has its own structure and style.”

Chinaka Pierre

Brand Manager| Unicomer Limited (Courts)

“I knew of Karel from her work on Outlish. When I heard she would be conducting our strategic communications session, my expectations were high. I expected a fresh outlook to strategic communications, out-of-the box ideas, and sound theory. I obtained a new view of communications and strategic thinking.

She also was an active listener, able to summarize everyone’s experiences and allowed us to be our own troubleshooters and problem solvers.

Karel is also high energy – and her energy infused the sessions, so they were very dynamic and fluid, generating discussions among very different groups of people. She’s professional, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, provides an outlet for critical thinking, and presents ideas with ease and humour.”

Nicola Ghouralal

Communications Officer | The National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago

Meet Your Coach

Karel Mc Intosh - social media consultantHear from Karel Mc Intosh – Director of Training & Marketing at Livewired Group. A multi-faceted communicator with 15 years of experience, Karel has delivered training for companies like Sagicor, First Citizens, the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, and Guardian Group.

Learn more about her here.



Who should attend?

  • Corporate communicators.
  • Marketers.
  • Professionals who write newspaper columns and articles for publications.
  • Anyone who writes for magazines.

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