In-house training and workshops in Trinidad and Tobago

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Get practical training that transforms employees.

We’re on a mission to nurture effective communicators in Trinidad and Tobago.

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I would definitely recommend Karel and Livewired Group to colleagues and peers, as I believe that they empower professionals to communicate effectively, and be more impactful.”

Audra Mitchell

Manager – Training & Development | Massy Group



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Much of your workday involves communicating ideas, decisions, products, and projects to your colleagues and customers.

You do it in e-mails, letters, presentations, proposals, reports…you name it. Don’t you want to be able to write different types of documents quickly, and get what you want from readers?

Learn how to:

1. express yourself clearly, concisely, and convincingly.

2. structure your writing for maximum impact and influence.

3. engage your audience, and convince them to say yes.

4. stop relying on templates, and feel confident to write from scratch.

5. write under pressure and within tight deadlines.

This isn’t an English class. We teach communication strategy.

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If u picks up the grammar and punctuation errors in this sentence then u know that poor grammar is embarrassing.

It hurts your image. People judge you. They focus more on the errors than the actual message. Then they get confused, because poor grammar changes the meaning of what you’re saying.

Refreshing your skills enables you to write more confidently, knowing that your colleagues, clients, and CEO won’t nit-pick your writing.

This workshop equips you to:

1. write with a firm grasp of grammar and punctuation rules – even the difficult ones.

2. construct different types of sentences.

3. communicate clearly and avoid misinterpretation of information.

4. proofread and spot errors, using practical techniques.

5. avoid common mistakes such as using “it’s” when you mean “its”.

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Is your company on social media, but it’s nowhere near to creating communications campaigns that can stand out as successful, local case studies?

Do you think your company can use social media more effectively? Need to give your CEO strategic insights about social media measurement, to justify your department’s projects and budget?

If you need help fine-tuning your vision and strategic plan, join us. Get real insights to digital marketing in the Caribbean context. Even if your agency handles your marketing, you need to know what works vs. what doesn’t.

Learn how to:

1. connect with the right consumers in powerful ways

2. determine what works for different social media networks, and the right multi-channel strategy for your brand

3. convert likes, retweets, conversations, and shares into leads and sales

4. stop sounding like every other Facebook page

5. create a brand personality audiences connect with

6. create a strategic social media marketing plan

7. maximise ROI and create a social media measurement report.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how you will refine your social media strategy.

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Most big businesses fail to impress audiences, and connect with them in meaningful ways. Their speeches, news releases, advertorials, feature articles, web copy, and social media updates all sound the same.

Think about it. If you compare three, local brands, how different do they sound from each other? Not that different. Right?

So how can we communicate with more personality, connect with readers, and get better results? If you think it’s time you and your brand elevated your wordplay, then this training is for you and your team.

You’ll be able to:

1. craft memorable messages that captivate audiences.

2. convert audiences’ attention into action.

3. choose the right strategy and creative direction that sells your brand and products/services.

4. write with style, structure, and substance.

5. differentiate your brand.

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Being authentic beats being robotic every time. Instead of making you worry about gestures to practise, for presentations and public speaking, we’ll teach you to play to your strengths and improve your confidence and thought process.

We’ll help you to say hasta la vista to your fears, bad habits, and out-of-date techniques. Develop presence. Learn how to articulate your ideas. Drive action. You will be on your feet, making presentations for several activities, and getting constant feedback.

Learn how to:

1. develop a persuasive and memorable public speaking style.

2. structure presentations for maximum impact, crafting themes and messages that drive business and communication objectives.

3. read audiences, and flex your approach on the spot.

4. manage different presentation settings – individual, group, public, planned, and impromptu.

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Companies in Trinidad and Tobago suck at customer service! Most people think so.

And while most Trinis will ‘bad talk’ your company, but still use your services… do you want to keep upsetting customers? Hopefully, your answer is no!

So how do you make “excellent customer service” come alive in your organisation?

Give your employees practical training that teaches realistic, customer service solutions.

In this two-day workshop, staff will learn how to:

  1. Improve their communication style.
  2. Develop a customer-focused attitude.
  3. Deliver your company’s promise and value.
  4. Analyse customers and build rapport.
  5. Manage conflicts and demanding customers.

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What do people say about you, when you leave the room? That’s a question you want to be able to answer.

Improving your interpersonal skills, and refining your personal brand directly impact how much respect and cooperation you get from colleagues and customers. Ever watched someone grab the attention of everyone in a meeting? Wouldn’t you like to be that person?

Learn how to:

1. improve your communication style

2. articulate your thoughts quickly, clearly, and convincingly

3. define and live your personal brand

4. boost teamwork, and gain colleagues’ and clients’ co-operation

5. work well with different personality types

6. approach difficult people with confidence.

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Public or private? Personal or professional? These are the Ps that make it necessary to have a social media policy for your company.

You want to protect your company and your employees from risks of TMI (too much information). You want them to know how to interact online, as a representative of your brand.

Social media provides opportunities for employees to:

  • strengthen customer relationships
  • exemplify company values
  • and draw awareness to your products and services.

Empower employees to successfully interact on social media channels, with various stakeholders, and avoid damaging the company’s brand.

Learn how to:

1. maximise and manage digital employee engagement

2. craft/improve your company’s social media policy

3. consider the legal ramifications of your policy

4. guide employees on how to interact with stakeholders, including media

5. advise employees to balance their personal and professional profiles.

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Life in the marketing department…It’s fast paced, stressful, fun (if you’re lucky), and demanding. You’re expected to be forward thinking, seize opportunities, and automate and experiment your way to success.

But here’s the thing–you’re so busy doing tactical work – booking ads, writing articles for the employee magazine, or planning yet another media event – that you don’t always get time to focus on strategy.

Sometimes, you get stuck in the routine of tactical communications.

Reinvent your marketing.

Critically assess your strategic direction.

You’ll learn how to:

1. refresh your brand, and increase brand momentum.

2. craft and critique your marketing plans.

3. maximise and measure your marketing efforts.

4. determine the right multi-channel strategy to invest in.

5. navigate changing technologies, consumer behaviour changes, and competitor tactics.

6. deliver value for other marketing functions including customer service, research, and product development.

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Speeches are like movies. They’ve got to capture an audience from early on. They’ve got to hook people with storylines, characters, comedy, action, suspense and imagination.

Great speeches move crowds, drive action, and resonate long after they’ve been delivered. Wouldn’t it be nice if people sat on the edge of their seats, taking in every word of your speech?

Learn how to use timeless techniques and special effects to write powerful, memorable speeches for any occasion.

You’ll learn how to:

1. write speeches with style, substance, structure, rhythm, and clarity

2. connect key messages to your company’s business and communications objectives

3. craft themes and messages that resonate with audiences long after they’ve left the room

4. use key techniques of writing for the ear

5. use persuasive writing techniques

6. edit your speeches for clarity, cohesion, and impact.

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Don’t see a topic you want? Ask about it. We may have it in our vault, or can design a programme for you.

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